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W9ARP Lafayette Indiana D-STAR Repeater

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Linking on the 2m W9ARP repeaters has been modified so that links will automatically disconnect after one hour of no activity on the RF side of the link.


After a long hiatus, the D-Star repeaters are once again connected to the internet and linking is working! Thanks to W9YB for hosting the internet end of the link!


The 2m W9ARP D-STAR module is now set to automatically link to REF001 C every evening at 6pm and unlink at 10pm Eastern time.


The 2m D-STAR module is now on the air! A Diamond X500HNA antenna was installed on top of the tower. The 2 meter side of the repeater is putting out 16 watts after the duplexer.


The TE Systems amplifer failed today and has been shipped back to the manufacturer for service. For the time being we are back to operating the 440 repeater on the old RF Concepts 4-110 amplifier.


As of today, G2 servers have started showing up on the list of available Gateway servers in DVTool. This means that DVDongle users can now access the W9ARP Gateway. All W9ARP RF users should have W9ARP G programmed into the RPT2 slot of their radio so DVDongle users can hear you.


DPlus 2.0 Beta 1 was installed on our Gateway server this evening. Seems to be working fine with D-Star Hot Spot.


Our G2 Gateway installation was completed today! We've made our first QSO through the gateway and everything seems to be working fine. At this point we are waiting for the release of G2 compatible versions of dplus and D-Star Monitor.


We are currently testing the D-STAR GMSK decoding software written by Jakub Hruska. Even though we do not have the Icom Gateway software, you should still be able to listen to the W9ARP repeater with a DVDongle by using the following settings in DVTool:
Connect to Peer:
Port: 6116
This is a listen only connection. The GMSK decoding software does not yet support transmissions.


I've backed off the transmit power just a little bit. We are currently running 80 watts into the duplexer. This puts us at an ERP of 425 watts.


The amplifier was enabled today and the repeater is now putting 100 watts into the duplexer. We will be watching very closely to see if there is any indication of desense. If it appears that the receive is being compromised at all, we will probably just take the amp back out of service since the repeater seems to have good coverage without it.


The D-STAR repeater was installed at the repeater site this evening! I forgot to take the fans with me for the Comark amplifier, so currently the repeater is transmitting with 28 watts into the duplexer.


The duplexer arrived from TX/RX today. As soon as I have some free time, and the weather is halfway decient, I'll get the repeater installed in its permanent location. For now it's still in testing mode at my house.