Technical Information for the
W9ARP Lafayette Indiana D-STAR Repeater

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The repeater is uses a DB Products DB-420 vertically polarized omni directional antenna. The antenna is fed with 150 feet of 7/8 heliax and provides 9DBd gain. The antenna is mounted at the top of the tower which is 850 feet above sea level, or about 150 above ground level.


For filtering, the repeater uses a TX-RX Systems 28-66-02B var-notch duplexer. There is also a TX/RX Systems 11-70-02 dual cavity band pass filter, and an 8 pole DCI bandpass filter, on the receive side of the duplexer.


The repeater uses an ARR P432VDG pre-amplifier repackaged in a Hammond die-cast box.


The repeater uses a 100w TE Systems UHF amplifier.


The complete repeater

This view shows the back of the repeater cabinet

Amplifier, duplexer, 28v power supply for the amplifier,
DCI bandpass filter, repeater controller, 70cm repeater module

This view shows the upper half of the back side of the
repeater cabinet, including the TX/RX bandpass cavities

ID-RP2C repeater controller, ID-RP4000V 70cm repeater,
pre-amp power supply, repeater power supply, towercam
monitor and controllers, gateway server, router, UPS,
video server

This view shows the back of the lower half of the
repeater cabinet

Kevin and Steve installing the tower camera. Antennas from left to right are:
Diamond X510NJ - not currently used
DB420 - KA9VXS 443.775 FM repeater antenna
DB420 - D-STAR 70cm antenna
DB420 - site owner's business band antenna
2m link antenna to Indy for SkyWarn

WIFI link antenna